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Well happy days Costco friends, it seems warmer and sunnier days are finally upon us! Just not right now ’cause it’s about to rain, but yesterday and this morning/afternoon were pretty glorious!

Costco felt unusually calm today for being holiday Monday, I guess I didn’t get there until about 12:15 or so (usually around that time it’s absolute madness in there!) and it seemed really quiet. There were no sample stations for people to cluster around today either (guessing because they didn’t want to pay those folks time-and-a-half today?) so I didn’t get distracted by tasty treats.

I had a small list this week (as I go every week my list is generally pretty small) so it was a low-impact shopping experience. I got the Friskies 48 pack of canned cat food and though it’s not on sale it’s still a bit cheaper than other places around here @ 22.99 (.47 a tin, that’s ok)

Mikes deluxe pizza 2pk was on sale for $4.00 off (12.99 for 2 giant pizzas? yes please!) they look delicious, and they are delicious! (see a previous post about that here)

I also saw those Kirkland sweet potato chips were on sale for $2.00 off (5.99 for a bag, not a small bag either) so it seemed like an opportune time to put a massive bag of chips in the cupboard (see a review of the product here)  

The giant block of Parmesian cheese was requested this week as our last block is on its last legs, and fresh parm is pretty awesome… Though not on sale…

A few other sales happening here below.

Polysporin complete 2 x 30g $19.99 – $4.00 off @ 15.99 (great for those emergency kits we have all got right? right?? …need to restock mine)

Ziplock sandwich bags 4 x 150 $15.79 – $3.30 off @ 12.49

Purex coldwater 200 load laundry detergent $14.99 – $3.20 off @ 11.79

Pedigree vitality dog food $36.99 – $8.00 @ 28.99

Harvest stone organic crackers 567g $9.99 – $2.00 @ 7.99 ( bought one of these today, they don’t usually last too long so I should’ve got 2)

…And a few Kingston, ON. meat sales for you (RIB STEAKS!!!!!!)

rib grilling steak Boneless rib steak (half) Rib grilling steak bone inDelicious!

We did finally fire up the grill last night for some burgers/veggie-burgers and finally got a bulk of the gardening done. (it’s a small garden so… really not too much work to do.)


We do have a few massive Hostas that seem to take up most of the space back there, so I went to work unearthing it to be split and transplanted in another shady spot.


We also went to the garden center nearby and spent an hour or so shopping around for big hanging baskets (see below) and a few other little perenial flowers.


Dexter and Ewok were out sunning themselves on the deck as well, enjoying the (almost) hot afternoon sun!

Cats of Costco Cats of Costco Cats Cats Cats

My favorite…

Cats of Costco

I love those little guys.

Well it’s been a busy week, the long weekend has come and gone thus marking the super busy season for the restaurant meaning I’m tired and need to get dinner on the go. Gotta get a good sleep and be ready to go for the start of my week. What’s for dinner??? Leftover chicken is gonna be turned into tacos! Maybe some rice and beans to go along with that too… Delicious!

I’ll leave you with this little gem… Arriba!!!

Three Amigos

Have a great week folks, enjoy your shopping!

Please note:
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Costco liquidation/Manager’s Special items (ending in .97) vary from store to store.
An asterisk (*) on the price tag means the item is not being re-ordered.

If there is something you really want, ***double check the expiry date*** as some Costco sales items do end mid-week.

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