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Costco Special Operating Hours for 60+ Starts (Again) Nov 2, 2020

Costco Special Operating Hours for 60+ Starts Nov 2, 2020

Hellllo again everybody and happy Friday Morning!

This is not a recall notice so don’t fret, this is good news! (for some of you anyhow)

As I was checking the Costco website today I did notice on The Costco Updates and Coronavirus Response Page this…

Effective November 2, 2020, Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Costco will temporarily implement special operating hours for members who are 60 and older or who have a physical disability.

I think that’s great news, it should give those who need a little extra time and a little extra space just that before everyone else gets in there.

At my warehouse I think I’ve only had to wait in line once or twice in the last 2 or 3 months… I think I waited for about 5 minutes last Friday.

(It was about 19 degrees though so that helped out Phil)

Costco also posted their Holiday hours for the next few months so you can scroll down and see what they’ve got going on. (I think this is layed out better that the old one, not that it’s a huge improvement but the information couldn’t be more clear)

Costco holiday hours

There you go, just a little Friday morning read before you head out to work or perhaps to Costco. (That’s where ‘ll be! Maybe I’ll see you there… You never know right?)

As usual the weekend update will follow this evening folks.

Night night.

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    • Excellent! I’ll usually make sure that I post a few days before if they’ll be closed but good to have on stand-by!

  1. Thanks dude! Just inhaling my porridge and winter blend coffee (yum have you tried it?) and heading off to the gym so my trainer can make me 😥
    Cheers, Jan

    • Hey Jan, yes I actually like it quite a bit. (though my partner thinks its not strong enough) Ahhh the gym, best of luck with that!
      Stay safe Jan.

  2. Thanks for this. My only wish is that they wouldn’t assume all seniors are early risers. 😉 If they had seniors’ hours after the normal hours, like 8:30-9:30 pm, (or later) I’d be there! Ha-ha!

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