Costco Flyer Sale & Treasure hunt Items Aug 12th – 18th 2019 – Ontario, Quebec & Atlantic Canada

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Well it’s been a wet an rainy week Costco family!

I mean it almost felt like fall a few times, which even if the weather didn’t dictate that I would’ve known anyways by the HALLOWEEN display up and the costumes in the Costco aisles!

Halloween display Halloween display Halloween display

I mean, I’m thrilled by this development, I know others are not so excited to think about summer coming to a close but realistically we still have a few months. I’m just excited that’s all!

As most of you probably know I love pickled things of ANY kind, (the saltier and brinier the better!) and I passed by the Safie zesty garden medley last week, but today I snagged ’em

They are soooo good. The veggies are nice and crunchy, not soggy at all. They have a nice brine to them and; while I could take a bit more of that, they weren’t overpowering at all. And the spice, it’s perfect! (though my partner said “holy moly those are HOT!”) I found it to be just on the line of hot and “OH YEAH!” hot. Anyhow, if you see these bad boys in your aisles pick ’em up and give ’em a try, I may go back and buy up the rest of the stock here!

Ok, before I get excited about too many other things let’s take a preview of what Costco sales are happening this week.

Whiskas 12.6 kg dry cat food $27.99 – 6.00 @ 21.99

Pepperidge farm goldfish crackers 1.64 kg $10.89 – 2.50 @ 8.39

Kirkland signature organic coconut oil 2.3kg $16.99 – 4.00 @ 12.99

Finish quantum dish pods $22.99 – 5.00 @ 17.99

Bag to earth compost bags 30pk $12.99 – 3.00 @ 9.99

Pogo 2.25 kg $11.89 – 2.40 @ 9.49

Christie premium plus crackers 1.36kg $7.99 – 2.00 @ 5.99


And the Kingston, ON. meat dept has these.

Lean ground beef patties

Lean ground beef

Mmmmm, I can’t wait to get the B.B.Q. moved over to the new place so we can do some grilling on the back deck.

Speaking of the new place it is coming along, a little slower than I expected, but there was an interruption that caused a few days of delay. I won’t get into that one now, perhaps next week I’ll share that with you.

Regardless, we do have that one room all finished up and have stayed out here a few times. Did I mention assembling the IKEA bed? No I don’t think I did, I think that was done mid-week… Man, IKEA, I love the place and consider myself a decent IKEA furniture assembler so I decided to share with you (like it or not!) the assembly of the bedframe!

And then the 4 under drawers had to be done…. I did one of them and then thought “heck I’m gonna do the other 3 at the same time and start a timer and see how I do!” So I did

3 drawers in 31:57.52. I’d say that would qualify me for the IKEA assembly Olympics, and if there isn’t such a thing perhaps there should be.

IKEA and Costco… if only they could be right next door to each other. Actually that might be bad, I may spend all of my time and money at both places… Ya, maybe a bad call.

Even Dexter agrees that’s a bad idea!

Cats of Costco

So judgmental…

Well I feel like perhaps I’ve bored you long enough for the night, so I shall bid you farewell until next time.


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Costco liquidation/Manager’s Special items (ending in .97) vary from store to store.
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