MADEGOOD granola minis product review and holiday hours

Happy Friday Costco lovers!

I happened to be out in the west end of town today when I got a little bit of a desire to take a stroll through Costco… Friday afternoons seem to be good for that.

In my period of strolling the isles though I started to get a little snacky, and thought I would grab something quick and easy (and hopefully slightly healthy) what I wound up getting my mitts on were these little guys – MADEGOOD granola minis – for $12.49.

I initially thought these would be good for the convenient mini packs inside, making it easy to grab and go without much else thought. They’re also Gluten free which means my partner can take these and fill the gaps between lunch and dinner. Flipping the bag over however revealed that these little dudes are actually not that bad for you as you can see below.

Low sodium, 6 grams of sugar per package (at least not from refined sugar which is nice) low fat, 90-100 calories (which I don’t personally count) and look at that… There is a decent amount of vitamin content in these (likely from the vegetable extracts) which was a nice suprise- almost seems to be a healthy-ish snack!(I also like organic content of these)

After getting home from shopping for a laptop (That was I can do my writing and editing outside instead of the dark confines of the home office) I got the bag opened up and started sampling. As you can see the portions aren’t that big but I’m ok with that- this is just meant to be a quick and easy snack not a commitment to a bag of salt and vinegar chips…Not that I’d know anything about that… moving on.

I was pleasantly pleased with the flavor of both, the chocolate chip kind was obviously a bit sweeter while the mixed berry flavor seemed a bit tart but not overly so. The texture was a little chewier than I was expecting, I was thinking crunchy granola nuggets while they both had (as I said) a bit of a chewier thing going on. I wasn’t turned off by it at all (like when you go to sip your coffee thinking it’s still hot but turns out its cold and gross) , just not what I expected upon looking at them. Also the price is pretty reasonable 12.49 for 20 packs, that makes it about .70 cents per pack… not too shabby.

Also as you can see these are great snacks to send your kids to school with as they seem to have allergies in mind.

Allergy free, Gluten free, Vegan, Kosher, healthy… I’m impressed! So is this little guy.

Anyhow that’s my little chat for today. Also bear in mind holiday hours.

Civic Holiday
Monday, August 6
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

So if you’re an east coaster get yer shoppin’ in on the weekend!

Speaking of which I hope you all enjoy some well deserved time off!


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