• Costco has EXPANDED home delivery across ONTARIO!!!

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    Yes folks, I posted about the trial they were doing a few months back in South Eastern Ontario and apparently it worked out well so the have expanded it across Ontario, (apparently with the exception of Sudbury, though it seems as though it may be temporary)

    I’d say that’s great news for people who are extremely busy, or not capable of getting out and shopping for groceries across Ontario. And hey maybe I’ll give it a try in the next few weeks to see how it all works! Apparently it’s free delivery if your purchase is over $75 (which is an easy target I find)

    Click on these links to get more info about this service if you’d like. I think it’s pretty exciting, not that I’ll ever stop shopping at Costco on Mondays but I may order in once and a while… Why not right? Cold Ontario winter day, January… February… not wanting to go out shopping right? Click click click and Ordered! I like it.

    See an article about it here


    The Costco.ca order page here


    Another article here…


    Well, just a quick little hit for you this evening. Busy day at work today but thought I’d share this with you folks before the cooking begins and I lose track of time, trust me- it happens.

    Cheers all, and happy shopping or clicking and ordering!

    See you on Monday!



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