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Costco East Book & Calendar Aisle Section – Ontario, Quebec & Atlantic Canada

Welcome to the Costco East Book & Calendar Aisle Section! I took pictures of ALL the books etc. for you and I’ve posted them here and on our Facebook page for you to enjoy.





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Hello everyone!

I’ve been noticing that the book department (If that’s what it’s called?) has been seeming to gear up for the Holiday season, so I’ve seen a lot of new item hitting the table.

I thought that I’d take pics of all the books, calendars, and even the video game goods available to help you get your early Christmas shopping game moving.

Grab a beverage, scan through the books and see what grabs you, or makes someone’s Christmas list!

As always I’ll see you on Friday for the weekend update!

Stay safe, and enjoy the Costco Library folks.

Please note:
The price at your local Costco takes precedent (or precedence) over the prices listed on this blog.
Costco liquidation/Manager’s Special items (ending in .97) vary from store to store.
An asterisk (*) on the price tag means the item is not being re-ordered.

If there is something you really want, ***double check the expiry date*** as some Costco sales items do end mid-week.

***This is a fan run, independent page with no affiliation or endorsement by Costco Wholesale***

Costco Flyer Sales Nov 8th – 21st 2021

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  1. Great gift ideas . Thanks for the extra effort . Mmmm Group of Seven calendar, 2020 planner with a kitty on the cover, Let it Be, Bourdain , Jamie Oliver… the choices go on and on .
    Thanks again

  2. I’ve recently finished “State of Terror” by Clinton & Penny and it was good! I’m a huge Louise Penny fan.
    “Peril” is on hold for me at the library and I’ve ordered “The Apollo Murders”. Last year, I did a “Book Christmas” (plus some other fun treats) for my great nieces and nephews, it was a nice change from the usual toys and clothes. Now I have to think of another theme for this year 🤔
    Cheers & thanks, Jan

  3. Love your blog. I’ve saved a fortune since I discovered it 😊
    Right now I’m impatiently waiting to see if there’ll be the famous Costco jigsaw puzzle that’s available occasionally.
    Please can you let us know if you see it

  4. This is an amazing post. My daughter loves to read and whenever I go to Costco, she always wants to know what books they have at the time… very helpful indeed

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