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    Aaahhhh, finally feeling back to normal… Thank you for all your well wishes Costco East family!

    Yes, it seemed like this silly little cold was lingering longer than the last table at the restaurant, but I think it’s finally gone now. However, I think now someone else in the household is catching it, Uh-oh! Well I hope you all haven’t caught anything yet! However if you have, or are feeling like some kind of cold or flu is about to rear its ugly head, now is as an ideal time as any as Costco has (as they tend to during cold/flu season) Nyquil and Dayquil, as well as vitamin C + zinc supplements on sale so you can bolster your immune defenses and prepare for the worst… Stupid colds…

    Let’s take a look at a few sale previews, shall we??? Then it’s dinner time!


    Nyquil complete 2 x 354ml -4.00 @ 14.99

    Dayquil/Nyquil cold  flu 48 + 24 liquicaps -4.00 @ 13.99

    Jameson zinc 110 lozenges -3.50 @ 12.49

    Playtex sport tampons super & regular pack of 96 -3.50 @ 11.49

    Tide HE advanced laundry detergent -5.00 @ 18.99

    Splenda sweetener 1000 pk -5.00 @ 19.99

    Dog delights chewy chicken sticks 1 kg -4.00 @ 9.99

    Stromboli triple meat pizza 3 pk -2.00 @ 7.99

    Oasis O.J. & A.J. 24 x 300 ml -3.00 @ 9.99

    Sealy posturepedic queen mattress -100.00 @ 399.99

    Usually out of convenience we’ll do a pizza night here, if we’re too busy with work and don’t feel like making a big production out of dinner (cooking and cleaning) we’ll throw a few pizzas in the oven and make a big salad of some kind. (which is what we did tonight!) So in anticipating that tonight would be one of those nights I grabbed the Stromboli pizzas (which are delicious, by the way) It’s just nice sometimes to not have to do a bunch of prep, then a bunch of cooking and then a bunch of cleaning… Don’t get me wrong I love cooking, you all know (or must know by now) that I love cooking and spending time in the kitchen with all the fun toys that I have in there, but once in a while it’s nice to just have a low impact night… Almost like getting take-out!

    I did not go that route yesterday at all. I made full use of all the new pots and pans at Breakfast and dinner! I decided that I’d do a classic kind of breakfast on Sunday morning with Scrambled eggs, sausages, hash brown, baked beans and toast.

    …And then take a nap! (well I should have, but decided I’d clean the house instead)

    I decided I wanted some kind of spicy chicken for dinner and hadn’t done Jerk chicken since the summer so… Jerk chicken it was!

    And Jerk Chicken calls for rice and beans obviously, which I added some saffron to to give it a little extra aromatic flavor to help cut through the spice of the Jerk marinade. And what good chicken & rice dish doesn’t have some kind brightly colored accompaniment?

    Some quickly sauteed red & yellow peppers with green beans and red onions did the trick quite nicely (I added some garlic powder and ground cloves to those as well which was another nice little flavor boost! Clove, allspice and nutmeg… secret weapons of the spice world!) Needless to say Costco friends, I love the new set of pots and pans! I’m pretty sure they have all been used (except the steamer, but this week we’ll use it. Maybe some sickness fighting broccoli???) and they have all filled in admirably and surpassed their retired counterparts. Though that was a tough one, but just like clearing out the closet- sometimes you just gotta rip the band-aid off!

    …So yes, Sunday was mostly cooking, cleaning and eating with some painting as well… and some filling of nail holes in trim, and laundry and some hockey as well. Ewok was happy to help stall that effort of course.

    I can’t say that I blame him, he’s a cat after all and a basket of freshly dried & folded laundry is a cat magnet. I guess I should have expected that… Dexter meanwhile was preventing me from washing the bedding.

    It’s almost as though they got together and said

    Dexter – “hey, how can we put the brakes on all this laundry stuff?”

    Ewok – “Oh I know, you spend all day cleaning yourself on the bed and then sleep and look cute, and I’ll wait till the whites are all done and folded and climb on top and sleep on the warm clean stuff!”

    Dexter – “excellent plan, let’s do it!”

    Though I doubt Ewok would have been the mastermind here, more likely Dexter was calling the shots… Or perhaps I have too much time on my hands???

    Ahem… On that note I think I shall bid you all a good evening. As per usual work awaits tomorrow morning, and like the rest of my Southeastern Ontario dwelling friends a great big snow storm is headed our way as well!

    Take care friends, drive safe and eat well. And don’t get sick, that’s an order!

    Till next week.


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