RECALL NOTICE – Brookstone Folding Step Stool Set of 2

IMPORTANT RECALL NOTICE – Brookstone Folding Step Stool Set of 2

Hello and happy Thursday afternoon everybody!

Just a quick heads up there is a recall notice on these Brookstone folding step stools (Costco Item 1496414), sold at a Costco Warehouse or on between February 2021 and April 2021.

Brookstone Folding Step Stool Set of 2

Apparently they might crack or break when being used, and that is certainly not something you want to happen!

Here’s the product notice release.

“Creative Brands LLC is recalling the Brookstone Folding Step Stool Set of 2, (Costco Item 1496414), sold at a Costco Warehouse or on between February 2021 and April 2021 (“Folding Step Stool”). The Folding Step Stool may crack, break, or collapse unexpectedly when in use posing a fall hazard to the user. As of April 12, 2021, there have been four incidents reported in Canada relating to the Folding Step Stool including two injuries.

If you have one of these Folding Step Stools in your possession, please stop using it immediately. At your convenience, you may return it to a Costco warehouse to obtain a full refund. Please follow your local by-laws and provincial guidelines as it pertains to the return of merchandise.

For more information, please contact:
Creative Brands LLC
Phone: (718) 528-8989
Hours of operation: 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask you to please pass this information along to anyone to whom the Folding Step Stool may have been given.”

There you have it folks, just a quickie today. But I’ll see you again tomorrow!

Stay safe everyone.
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Since we are in the third wave of COVID-19 I think it’s important to remember that we’re not out of the corona virus weeds yet, and each province has their own Health recommendations based on the provinces individual risk assessment and I would recommend that you follow the recommendations for your specific province. Information can be found at the following websites.

Ontario COVID-19 information

Quebec COVID-19 information

Newfoundland COVID-19 information

P.E.I. COVID-19 information

New Brunswick COVID-19 information

Nova Scotia COVID-19 information

Go here for the latest Costco Coronavirus updates:

So there you go, a little reading material for you.

Be kind, be safe and stay healthy!

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  1. Two bad the recall was after the stool I purchase (two pack) plastic cracked when I was standing on it. Costco did except the returned stool.

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