IMPORTANT RECALL NOTICE – Lithium-Ion Battery supplied with Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror


Lithium-Ion Battery supplied with Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror
Costco Item #1616995

Costco Wholesale records indicate you may have purchased the Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror at a Costco warehouse or on between May 2022 and February 2023.

Blackstone International Ltd. is recalling the lithium-ion battery supplied with the Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror. The lithium-ion battery may overheat, posing a risk of the product catching fire.

To date, Blackstone International has received six reports of incidents in Canada, including 5 involving property damage.

The affected product can be identified by the date sticker located on the underside of the base of the mirror. The affected product will have a date of 03/2022 or 04/2022.

Lithium-Ion Battery supplied with Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror Costco Item #1616995

If you have one of the affected Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirrors in your possession, please immediately take the following steps to safely remove and discard the lithium-ion battery (do not handle lithium-ion batteries near small children):

  • Turn the mirror off using the black toggle switch located on the side of the mirror base
  • Turn the mirror upside-down: pull the tab on the compartment door to open the battery compartment
  • Remove the battery from the compartment and discard the battery quickly and properly (keep battery out of children’s reach and sight)

Once the existing battery has been safely removed and discarded, you can resume the safe use of the Mirror using the included AC wall adapter, in accordance with the mirror instructions.

Free Replacement Battery

You may contact Blackstone International to order a free replacement battery or for more information:

Alternatively, you may return the Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror to a Costco warehouse to obtain a full refund.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask you to please pass this letter along to anyone to whom Sunter Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror may have been given.

Blackstone International Ltd.

Written by Costco East


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      • same, I called them at 800-485-4286 on Sept. 5, 2023, 5 months since I first requested the new battery and they told me that no one had received their new battery as they were still performing testing on the new batteries. I haven’t heard of any other recall being handled this way, at his point I’m thinking of just retuning the mirror to Costco as that was always an option.

        • En mars 2023 ils m’ont pourtant dit que je recevrais ma nouvelle batterie d’ici 6 semaines–Toujours rien depuis 6 mois—et ils ne nous ont même pas envoyé de note pour nous expliquer pourquoi qu’il y a du retard. Quelle sorte de Cie a un service de retour de la sorte.

  1. C’est pas sérieux tout ça, aucune réponse depuis mars 2023, et je ne suis pas seul à ce que je vois, peut-être qu’avec un recours collectif ils vont nous entendre!

  2. I received the letter in March 2023, reached out to the customer support, filled out the form. We are almost in October and I still haven’t received the recall battery. I also have emailed them and no response to my emails. I love the mirror, just not how they are handling this situation. It’s going back to Costco ASAP and I will never buy any of their products again.

  3. My promised battery never appeared. Have they said if it is safe to buy a new 18650 battery for their mirror? I’m worried putting a new battery in, in case the defect is in the wiring rather than the battery.

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