IMPORTANT RECALL NOTICE – Fibre4 with Probiotics Costco Item #1597539

Fibre 4 with Probiotics: Affected lots may contain active ingredients that are above the labelled dosage.


Hey there folks, just a quick recall notice for you regarding Fibre 4 with probiotics Costco Item #1597539

So far what I can see is that it’s being recalled  “due to affected lots may contain active ingredients that are above the labelled dosage

We have a container of this at home and I’ll be returning it tomorrow. My partner tried it and had a lot of stomach discomfort, and severe cramping for a few days after taking the recommended dose. I didn’t try any so I can’t speak to how it might have affected me, but she had a bad reaction to it.

The Healthy Canadians website doesn’t specifically say to return the product, but does state to “Consult your healthcare provider prior to discontinuing use of the affected product(s), or for any health concerns.

If you have this product at home check the lot number and Item #1597539 and follow the instructions on the either the Costco product recall website, or the Healthy Canadians site.

Be careful out there folks! And enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

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Written by Costco East


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