Natalie Reviews: The French Roast Starbucks Coffee Beans

Natalie Reviews the French Roast Starbucks Coffee Beans Review by Natalie of

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Time for a coffee review! Today I’m reviewing the French Roast Starbucks Coffee Beans from Costco. We take coffee very seriously in our house, so I’m excited to try these french roast beans!

I paid $19.99 Canadian for the 1.13-kilogram bag of coffee beans, which is five dollars off the regular $24.99 price. $19.99 is definitely not bad for a big bag of Starbucks beans!

The beans come whole, so you need to grind them before brewing them. The best-before date is seven months from the date that we purchased them. You can use the beans to make hot or iced coffee. In the fall and winter, I always prefer hot coffee. Brewed coffee can also be used in baking; I highly recommend using hot coffee in chocolate cake recipes!

Coffee has very few calories as long as you don’t add a bunch of cream and sugar to it. It’s kind of controversial whether coffee is healthy or not so I won’t touch on that – make your own decision!

The beans look like this is a very dark roast and the taste matches the appearance. I found that there’s almost a sweet burnt flavor to the coffee on its own. I almost thought I should have used cooler water to brew it. I did already use cooler water than I use with lighter roasts, but next time I would try water at 195 or 200 degrees Fahrenheit versus the 205-degree water I used. Aside from the sweet kind of burnt flavor, there’s a slightly bitter flavor. I also find the flavor lingers long after you’ve taken a sip.

I prefer this coffee with cream. I always like cream, milk, almond milk or oatmilk in my coffee and find this made a big improvement with this harsher dark roast. For this Starbucks French Roast, I found cream cut the bitterness a lot and by adding cream I noticed some different flavors. I can taste floral notes and chocolate when I added cream.
Cost: 8.5/10
Convenience: 2/10
Nutrition: N/A
Taste: 6/10 This is just my opinion, I generally like lighter roasts.

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  1. This is my go to coffee, but I brew it cold using the Toddy cold brew system. Works great as a cold brew or heated in the microwave. I do a 3 day room temperature brew and it is strong but has no bitterness or acidity, and has a lovely chocolatey flavour. I purchased 6 bags the last time it was on sale.

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