Costco Holiday hours Good Friday & Easter 2023

Hey there Everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick line here and remind you all about the holiday closures this weekend at Costco warehouses!

Looks like ON, NB & NS warehouses are going to be closed on Good Friday (the 7th) and Easter Sunday (9th) but Quebec warehouses will be open on Good Friday.

Make sure to consider that Costco warehouses will likely be busier than usual this week, so add some extra time to your plans and bring some extra patience with you.

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Written by Costco East


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  1. I was amazed today how “not” very busy it was today at 3pm in Burlington. I didn’t have a lot to get, just some clothes, squishmallows and Portuguese tarts… a rather eclectic mix. But now I have a confession. I only have one dishwasher puck left. Thought I had another box of detergent but no. What a dope. I do not want to go back in before Easter. 😩 maybe I can phone a friend?

  2. I feel for you Jan! Don’t you just hate that?
    I’ve done that so many times…and it’s the “I REALLY do NOT want to go back there!” feeling that’s the clincher!
    Dollar store? Paper plates? Of course lots of “family bonding” opportunities doing dishes lol
    Good Luck & Happy Easter

    • I hit Walmart today for a small package to tie me over until next week. Heaven help I should actually wash dishes manually lol!!
      Happy Easter 🐣!

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