Costco East Flyer Sales Preview Jan 2nd – 29th 2023

Welcome to the Costco East Flyer Sales preview for Jan 2nd – 29th 2023! I’ve posted the entire flyer so we can plan our shopping trips in the new year!

Please note:
The price at your local Costco takes precedent (or precedence) over the prices listed on this blog.
Costco liquidation/Manager’s Special items (ending in .97) vary from store to store.
An asterisk (*) on the price tag means the item is not being re-ordered.

If there is something you really want, ***double check the expiry date*** as some Costco sales items do end mid-week.

***This is a fan run, independent page with no affiliation or endorsement by Costco Wholesale***


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Hello everybody!

It’s hard to believe that we’re previewing the flyer sales for 2023!!!

I can already tell you that I’m excited about seeing the Rio Mare Tuna being on sale for $3.00 off.

Rio Mare tuna

It’s definitely become our favorite tuna, so I’ll likely be stocking up on this. (And I know my Mom was looking for some too, so I’ll pick some up for you in the new year!)

Another good one I like stock up on when it’s on sale is Dawn Advanced dish soap.

This has been our brand of choice for a while now, so when it does go on sale I try and stock up for the year.

Of course being the winter you may be looking to unwind in a nice hot bath complete with some relaxing lavender scented Epson salts.

What better way to cap off the crazy Holiday season right?

Take a peek for yourself folks, and scroll down a little further to see the current flyer sales that will be expiring on Jan 1st. Make sure you take a look through there and see if there’s anything you want to grab before it’s too late.

Enjoy folks, and I’ll see you again soon for the weekend update!


Costco Flyer sale preview Jan 2nd – 29th 2023

Costco Flyer Sales Dec 5th 2022 – Jan 1st 2023 2022

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  1. Merry Christmas!
    Thank you for the past year full of Costco sale items and information on products.
    Best Wishes for the New Year!!

    Stay safe and healthy.

    • Merry Christmas to you too Cathy, thank you for reading and supporting!
      You have a safe, happy and warm holiday and a happy New Year!

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work throughout the year. The weekly updates of Costco sales and reviews is beyond helpful and helps me plan my Costco shopping trips.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • That’s great to hear Lori, I’m glad I can help you plan your trips and save a bit of money too!
      Merry Christmas, have a safe, warm and happy Holiday!

  3. I feel like I’m not in the club when it comes to the Rio tuna. I tried it last time it was on sale and yesterday I put the remaining 3 tins in the food bank box at my grocery store. Guess I’m more of an albacore in water gal 🙄. Oh well, different strokes….
    It’s really blowin’ here in the Hamilton/Burlington area but driving was definitely doable this morning. Now I’m hunkered down and staying in for sure.
    Stay safe folks!

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